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Stéphane Airiau from the University of Amsterdam visited Juan A. Rodríguez Aguilar from Artificial Intelligence Research Institute in Bellaterra, Spain between March 21st and March 31st 2011. The scientific mission consisted in discussions over three different topics:

- Models of emergence of norms in multiagent systems (discussions also included Josep Lluis Arcos). We discussed a spectrum of approaches ranging from models with little communications and high computations to models with high communications and low computations. We identified some models that have not been studied and that we would like to explore.

- Sequential Mixed Auctions: We discussed the issue of using multiunit mixed auctions in environments in which it is possible to obtain items "from the market". In practice, this assumption leads to a large increase in computation time to solve the winner determination problem. This is due to the fact that there are a lot more candidates to be a solution. We discussed some possible heuristics to speed up the search of a solution. We also discussed the possibility to consider multiple criteria in the optimization problem and to consider time issues (e.g. when transformations have a deadline or require different durations).

- Distributed constraint optimization (DCOP) and social choice (discussions also included Jesús Cerquides). I first learned about some algorithms to solve a DCOP problem. Then, we discussed the possibility to modify the representation and the algorithms used in DCOP to express and solve social choice problems. In particular, searching for an allocation maximizing social welfare. We are planning to pursue some research in this topic.


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