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STSM Report for Udi Apsel
Dates: 10/4/2011 - 17/4/2011
Place of visit: Fraunhofer IAIS institute in Bonn
Host: Dr. Kristian Kersting, Head of the "Statistical Relational Activitiy Mining" Group
Fraunhofer IAIS, University of Bonn

I am happy to report that the trip to Bonn was a success. In my visit, I met Dr. Kersting's research group and presented my work in the field of lifted inference and decision making in relational models. During the week-long stay, we exchanged several ideas on how to combine my work and the ongoing work of Dr. Kersting's group. Generally, Dr. Kersting's group studies approximate inference methods, whereas my study focuses on exact inference methods. This allowed us to fuse some of the ideas of both fields for some interesting work. We discussed clustering methods in first-order models and their application in counting belief propagation, we examined lifted inference tasks which were yet to be studied, and discussed the idea of lifting first-order models by examples. Finally, we decided on regular online meetings between me and one of Dr. Kersting's team members for the continuation of the work.


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