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My STSM at Ulle Endriss's group in the Institute for Logic, Language
and Computation at the University of Amsterdam lasted three weeks,
starting on March 21 and ending on April 8, 2011.

Getting more involved in the field of Computational Social Choice was
the main goal of my stay, and this was easy to accomplish since the
group is very welcoming and active and there were many activities
going on during my stay, such as the weekly Computational Social
Choice Seminar, a workshop at the University of Tilburg in which we
participated, and the weekly group meetings which I experienced as an
intense opportunity for discussions and scientific exchange.

I also gave a talk and a small tutorial on multivariate algorithmics.
Initially, it was planned to apply theses techniques to problems from
the context of judgment aggregation, but in our discussions we could
identify several promising questions from the field of combinatorial
auctions (which was up to then unknown to me) where a multivariate
complexity analysis would certainly be of great interest, thus setting
a starting point for further cooperation.

Moreover, we were dealing with an online version of cake cutting,
based on a recent work by Toby Walsh (Toby Walsh, Online Cake Cutting,
COMSOC 2010), where we could obtain some small results that we would
like to elaborate now.

On the whole, I got interesting insights in the field and went back
home with plenty of motivation and ideas for further research. The
STSM was a very nice experience that I would definitely love to
repeat, and I would like to thank both Ulle Endriss and the COST
Action for this great opportunity.


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