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The STSM "Languages for aggregation in combinatorial domains" enabled me to visit Prof. Jerome Lang at Paris Dauphine University from the 1st to the 22nd of March 2011. During the stay I have given a talk at LAMSADE (Department of Informatics and Decision Aid) on topics related to my PhD thesis, and a guest lecture in the course "IA et Decision" presenting recent work on binary aggregation. I have also participated to a workshop on incomplete preferences organised in Pierre and Marie Curie University. I have extensively discussed the topic of my PhD thesis with Jerome Lang, in particular the generalisation of results in binary aggregation to general combinatorial domains and their possible application to combinatorial vote. I have collected references about research areas close to these topics such as belief merging, combinatorial vote, argumentation theory and multi-criteria decision analysis. I have started several discussions with members of the department that may lead to future collaboration. In particular with Gabriella Pigozzi we have discussed the problem of searching an appropriate general definition of paradoxes in aggregation theory, and with Alexis Tsoukias about the relation between social choice theory and multi-criteria decision analysis. In conclusion it has been a very fruitful visit, that will help me in my PhD project and will certainly lead to collaborations in the future.


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