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COST STSM Reference Number: COST-STSM-IC0602-7464
Period: 2011-03-01 00:00:00 to 2011-03-21 00:00:00
COST Action: IC0602
STSM type: Regular (from Netherlands to France)


I (Daniele Porello) was visiting LAMSADE, Paris Dauphine from the 2011-03-01 to the 2011-03-21, working in particular with Nicolas Maudet.

The main outcome of this visiting period has been starting future collaboration on the following themes.

1. Aggregation of value based argumentation frameworks (VAF) (with N. Maudet). VAFs provide a way to define importance rankings on arguments. We discussed the case in which several agents submit different importance rankings and we studied the aggregation of the resulting VAFs. In particular, we discussed how the majority ordering on importance behaves with respect to each individual argumentation graph and with respect to the aggregated graph.

2. Dialogue protocols and preferences (with N. Maudet). We discussed a framework to view arguments as justifications of preference orderings and we discussed how dialog games on argumentation frameworks are related to properties of profiles of preferences and to semantic properties of argumentation systems.

3. Shapley value in argumentation systems (with Nicolas Maudet, Stefano Moretti). We discussed possible applications of the concept of power index to measure the importance of an argument within an argumentation system.

4. Fragments of linear logic for belief update (with J. Lang). We started discussing how fragments of linear logic can be used to model belief states and actions that trigger belief updates.


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