I work on solving graph problems, both from the theoretical and the experimental point of view. My resume is available here. The slides of my defense are available here. My thesis manuscript is available here.
Key-words: Graphs, combinatorial optimisation, parameterized complexity, approximation, algorithmics, machine learning.



Place du Maréchal de Lattre de Tassigny
Université Paris-Dauphine
Bureau C605
75775 Paris, France


I am currently postdoctoral researcher at Paris-Dauphine University on solving graph problems with machine learning tools, under the supervision of professor Tristan Cazenave, Florian Yger and Florian Sikora.

I defended my thesis on June 4th 2018 at Paris-Dauphine University in the LAMSADE under the supervision of professor Cristina Bazgan. My thesis deals with community detection on graphs, from the complexity and algorithmic point of view.


Bazgan, Chlebíková, Dallard, Pontoizeau. Proportionally dense subgraph of maximum size: Complexity and approximation. Discrete Applied Mathematics. 2019
Bazgan, Pontoizeau, Tuza. Finding a potential community in networks. Theoretical Computer Science. 2019
Bazgan, Chlebíková, Pontoizeau. Structural and algorithmic properties of 2-community structures. Algorithmica. 2018
Bazgan, Pontoizeau, Tuza. Proportionally dense subgraph of maximum size: Complexity and approximation. CIAC. 2017
Bazgan, Chlebíková, Pontoizeau. New Insight into 2-Community Structures in Graphs with Applications in Social Networks. COCOA. 2015
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I was a teacher and educational manager for a bachelor's degree in digital marketing at the EPF Ecole d'Ingénieurs from 2019 to 2020. I also taught at Epita and directed tutorials at Paris-Dauphine University from 2014 to 2019.

graph graph graph

My teachings focused on the following themes :


Python, VBA, Caml.
Algorithmics, logic, complexity, programming. Database management, problem solving, video game programming.

Operational research

Concrete industrial problem solving, modeling, graph theory, linear programming, multicriteria decision support, decision under uncertainty.


Graph theory, scheduling, graph problem solving (shortest path, max flow...), proof techniques.


After 4 years at Agostini drumming school and 3 years at Nicolas Bastos (Dagoba), I play in bands null split (EBM/Industriel) and Carbon Cover (Pop/Rock) as a drummer.