In this page you find draft versions of papers which are in progress. Sometimes they have appeared as working papers and/or technical reports of LAMSADE or other Research Centers I have been invited. You are welcome to download and forward to me any comments you like. However, please do not quote them without permission (the Cahiers can be downloaded from the LAMSADE main page).


Alberto Colorni, Alexis Tsoukiās: What is a decision problem? There are two papers here: one is published within the proceedings of ADT 2013 (see here a preliminary version); the other is still work in progress, but you can see a preliminary version here.


Meinard Y., Tsoukiās A., ``On the rationality of decision aiding processes’’, (preliminary version).


Fancello G., Tsoukiās A., ``Learning from tourists’ preferences for urban planning’’, (preliminary version)


Ferretti V., Pluchinotta I., Tsoukiās A., ``Supporting decisions in public policy making processes: generation of alternatives and innovation’’ (preliminary version)


Pluchinotta I., Pagano A., Giordano R., Tsoukiās A., ``A system dynamics model for supporting decision-makers in irrigation water management’’ (preliminary version)


Pluchinotta I., Kazakci A.O., Giordano R., Tsoukiās A., ``Design Theory for generating alternatives in Public Decision Making Processes’’ (preliminary version)