The Greece case: an European perspective

This is a text in English about the recent situation in Greece (2015)

About the LAMSADE and its future

This is a text in French about the future of the LAMSADE.

About the recent recruiting policy of the CNRS

This is a text in French concerning the recent recruiting policy of the CNRS (not really brilliant …)

Quelque réflexion sur la politique de recrutement des chercheurs de la part du CNRS

About Bibliometrics

It is becoming increasingly frequent the use of "scientometric indices" aiming to assess both the researchers as individuals and their institutions. Most of the time the result is totally meaningless since there is no model (what is a good researcher or what is good research?). In the following I sample some documents treating this issue. People interested to read serious stuff on these issues can visit the page of Anthony Van Raan at Leiden University (NL) at

The official document of the International Mathematical Union (IMU), the International Council of Industrial and Applied Mathematics (ICIAM) and the Institute of Mathematical Statistics (IMS) published in June 2008 (here).

Two papers by Thierry Marchant from Ghent University (BE) on the axiomatic characterisation of bibliometric indices (h-index and score based rankings).

A paper by Denis Bouyssou, Jean Charles Billaut and Philippe Vincke about the Shanghai ranking.


My opinion about the research problems in France


You find here a couple of texts I have written in 2004 with respect to the ongoing discussion in France about the research conducted in Universities and other public institutions, namely the CNRS. These are texts in french (obviously ...).

Quelque réflexion sur le projet de reforme du CNRS (en 2004).

Les enjeux de l'évaluation, dans la "Vie de la recherche Scientifique", N. 357, Avril 2004.