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I am associate professor at the Lamsade laboratory (Université Paris Dauphine), in France.

My research is about data mining, constraint programming and high performance computing.

My CV: HERE (comprehensive, French version)


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    • Place du Maréchal de Lattre de Tassigny,
    • 75 775 PARIS CEDEX 16, FRANCE
  • Office:
    • P407
  • Tel: +33 1 44 05 44 18



  • The Rasta Project: (Rasta for recognizing art style automatically). Online demo HERE.
  • NRPA: Parallel implementation of the NRPA search algorithm. HERE.
  • CPSM: A CP-based sequence miner that supports many constraints. More info HERE.
  • Dominance Programming Solver: A solver to evaluate DP expressions. More info HERE.
  • ParaMiner: A generic, parallel algorithm for closed pattern mining. More info HERE.
  • PLCM: A Fast parallel algorithm to mine closed frequent itemsets (based on lcm): HERE.
  • Runtime: A script to program and run experiments from the command line: HERE.
  • TetrisML: A Tetris clone in ML :) HERE.


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