Contact/Equipe Nom du Logiciel Description   
F.Sikora/(Pôle 2) Minimum Fill In Solve the Minimum Fill In problem
F.Sikora/(Pôle 2) Disk Graph Tester Experiments with Disk graphs
F.Sikora/(Pôle 2) Metro Find the shortest way the visit all metro lines in a city
F.Sikora/(Pôle 2) GraMoFoNe Cytoscape plugin for the Graph Motif problem
B.Negrevergne, F.Yger/(Pôle 3) Rasta Recognizing Art Style Automatically in painting with deep learning
F.Fritz/(Pôle 1) socialranking Social Ranking Solutions for Power Relations on Coalition
F.Sikora/(Pôle 2) PACE 22 Heuristic solver for DFVS
Daniela Grigori/(Pôle 3) ACOBPAM-Vis Visualiser for behavior patterns extratced from event logs (COBPAM)
Michel Zamfiroiu d2 Multi-criteria decision aid tool. Several experts may enter evaluations in a decentralized manner, then these evaluations be analyzed by a coordinator, this analysis being then reviewed by one or several decision-maker
Michel Zamfiroiu d3 A web application that allows you to interact with remote services exposing MCDA methods. Data exchanged between d3 and your remote service is done trough XML files
Dario Colazzo / Pole WinGen The tool implements the technique presented in the VLDB paper 'Witness Generation for JSON Schema' by Lyes Attouche, Mohamed-Amine Baazizi, Dario Colazzo, Giorgio Ghelli, Carlo Sartiani, and Stefanie Scherzinger
Felix Fritz (PhD student), Stefano Moretti / (Pôle 1) socialranking: Social Ranking Solutions for Power Relations on Coalitions The package 'socialranking' offers a set of solutions to rank players based on a transitive ranking between coalitions, including through CP-Majority, ordinal Banzhaf or lexicographic excellence solution
Daniela Grigori/(Pôle 3) COBPAM Mining and analyzing behavior patterns (ProM plugin)