Toulouse e-Democracy Summer School – TeSS

Toulouse, France – IRIT – June 27th 2017 – July 4th 2017

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The rise of e-Democracy can be attributed to two phenomena. In one hand, the revival of the participatory movement inspired both by opposition movements and by direct democracy movements that took place during the 1960s and 1970s, and in another hand Internet diffusion in the 1990s. E-Democracy is studied in various scientific fields such as Political Science, Economical Sciences, Computer Sciences, Mathematic, and Philosophy. Several topics are studied in this domain as:

  • Voting procedures in several situations:  face to face, asynchronous distributed etc.
  • Sharing procedures, Equity
  • Group Decision Support Systems, Collaborative Tools
  • Negotiation, Argumentation, Deliberation
  • Security problems, Security Protocols, Cryptography
  • Confidence and e-Trust : Psychology, Information Theory, Social Psychology, Ergonomics
  • Democratic decision, Feasibility, Complexity, Manipulation.

Toulouse e-Democracy Summer School (TeSS) is organized jointly with CIMI labex and Policy Analitycs GDR The aim of this summer school is to create a young multidisciplinary group of researchers on these topics and to help students to obtain feedbacks, advises, directions, comments, references that concern their own research by international renowned specialists of the domain (e.g. Pr. Marc Kilgour, University Wilfrid Laurier, Waterloo, Canada; Pr. Jose Maria Moreno Jimenez, Zaragoza University, Spain; Pr. Hannu Nurmi, University of Turku, Finland and Dr. Pietro Speroni, Italy).

PhD students during their 2nd or 3rd year of PhD are asked to submit their contributions to the organizing committee. A contribution should describe the research work of the student and should include the following information:  outline of objectives; state of the art; methodology and expected outcome; stage of the research. The proposal should be written in Latex with the class article 11pt and package a4wide, it should not exceed 4 pages, it must be submitted to: Submissions will be judged mainly on relevance, originality, technical quality and clarity.

The summer school will be held at IRIT ( The labex CIMI will take all student lunches and dinners in charge. The participants have only to find financial support for their travel and accommodation. Students must present their work in front of all participants and in front of the invited professors during 45 minutes followed by 45 minutes of questions and discussions. One lecture by day will be given by an invited professor.

The summer school will validate one credit by the Doctoral School MITT 475 (http:// Following the summer school, a special issue will be edited in the International Journal of Decision Support System Technologies, edited by Guy Camilleri, Guillaume Chèze and Florence Dupin de Saint-Cyr. Students will submit an extended version of their paper to the guest editors. All the accepted submissions will be edited(after final validation) in a book with ISBN number published by IRIT institute.

 Important Dates:

  • Submission deadline: March 31st 2017
  • Acceptance date: April 15th 2017
  • Summer school: June 27th 2017 – July 4th 2017

Organizing Committee:

  • Guy Camilleri, Toulouse University (UPS), IRIT
  • Guillaume Chèze, Toulouse University (UPS), IMT
  • Florence Dupin de St-Cyr, Toulouse Univ. (UPS), IRIT
  • Pascale Zaraté, Toulouse University (UT1C), IRIT