Mini-course on LP and SDP-based approximation

An 8-hours mini-course on LP and SDP Rounding was arranged over two weeks in February 2020, and we had the honor to have Alantha Newman as the lecturer; check the website. There were 20-30 participants for each class, who were from many different universities and institutes around Paris as well as private companies. Valia Mitsou, Yassine Hamoudi (IRIF), and Pierre Aboulker (ENS Ulm) coorganized the event.

2019 IBS Summer Research Program on Algorithms and Complexity in Discrete Structures

With Sang-il Oum, Eun Jung Kim co-organized the program, between July 21, 2019 and August 10, 2019. The research program brought together researchers with different expertises, from parameterized complexity to approximation, structural graph theory and matroids theory, computational geometry and topological geometry. On top of two talks (one for 1 hour, another for half an hour) in the morning, the rest of the days were spent with free research and collaborations.