Alberto Colorni




Full professor of Operations Research at Politecnico di Milano (PdM); scientific director of the research consortium Poliedra; vice-rector of PdM for e-learning activities and online services; president of METID (the PdM Centre devoted to e-learning). Between 2000 and 2005 he has been the coordinator of the first Italian Online Degree Course (degree in Computer Engineering at PdM).
He was chairman of the scientific council of MeglioMilano, an association for the improvement of the life quality in the city of Milan (now he is in the board). In 1989, he won the Philip Morris Award for Scientific Research with the first Italian dial-a-ride transport system (in Val Nure, Piacenza). In 1999 he was  finalist for Europrix Multimedia Art (with a social “serious game”) and for the Prix Moebius, Italian section (with a CD-rom concerning Operations Research). In 2001, as METID president, he won the Cenacolo Award in Publishing and Innovation.
In many years, between 1996 and 2009, he was visiting professor at LAMSADE Univ. Paris-Dauphine. In 1999 he organized the annual congress of the European working group MCDA (Multi Criteria Decision Aid).

Research interests
His scientific activity includes: combinatorial optimization algorithms (in particular “natural” heuristic algorithms); methods for evaluating environmental impacts; territorial problems (in particular plant location and service management); models and tools for mobility planning and new transportation systems; decision support systems and multicriteria analysis.
He has authored more than 150 papers in these fields. In the area of heuristic algorithm for combinatorial optimization he began the study of ACO (Ant Colony Optimization), a system inspired by the ant behaviour. In the area of DSS he developed a multicriteria analysis software for the solution of Environmental Impact Assessment problems that has been highly distributed in Italian public administration.
He is associate editor of 4OR, an international journal of Operations Research (previously he was editor of AIRO, the Italian journal) and of Je-LKS (Journal of e-Learning and Knowledge Society).

Professional experience
He has coordinated a lot research projects in the areas of optimization, transport and e-learning, with many different commitments: European Union (various DG: Transport, Environment, E-learning); Italian Min. of Education and University; Italian Min. of Environment; Italian Min. of Justice; Italian Min. of Industry; Lombardia region; Provincia di Bologna; Provincia di Milano; City of Milan; MeglioMilano; City of Como; CNR (Nat. Res. Council); Politecnico di Milano; ANEE (Multimedia Editor association).

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