Spring 2018

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General Information

Course name: E-Applications
Instructor: Michail Lampis
Email: michail.lampis AT dauphine.fr

The main topic of this class is the construction of modern web applications. We will (try to) cover the following two topics: More information on the topics to be covered appears in the schedule below (which will be updated during the semester). The goal is that at the end of the course students should have a basic grasp of some of the standard technologies used to construct web sites today. As part of the course, students will be expected to complete a number of programming homeworks. The final grades will be based on this work.

Homework Assignments

General policy: Homeworks will be assigned semi-regularly, and will be of varying difficulty. Depending on the difficulty of an exercise, a different number of points will be awarded to its solution. Students are allowed to work in pairs. Each pair of students will submit a single solution. The final grade will be calculated by dividing the total number of points achieved by a team by the total number of possible points.

Homework Topic Link Deadline Solutions
0 HTML and js intro hw0 17/1
1 js intro hw1 7/2 solution, solution
2 Pong hw2 7/3 solution
3 Paint hw3 14/3 solution
4 Paint v2 hw4 4/4 solution
5 Arkanoid v2 hw5 11/4 solution, solution
6 JSP intro hw6 6/6 solution1, solution2
7 Online Paint and Pong hw7 20/6
8 Online Paint with rotations hw8 20/6

Additional Material


Lecture No. Date Topic Notes and code
1 Wed 10/1 Introduction, Client-Server model
HTML (briefly)
Javascript intro
2 Wed 17/1 Javascript as a programming language slides, code
3 Wed 7/2 Javascript examples
Object-Oriented programming
4 Wed 14/2 More Javascript examples
slides, code
5 Wed 7/3 Javascript and DOM slides, code
6 Wed 14/3 Javascript project I --
7 Wed 4/4 Javascript project I,II --
8 Wed 11/4 Javascript project II continued --
9 Fri 11/5 JSP, Tomcat, servlets slides, code
10 Wed 16/5 AJAX slides, code1, code2
11 Wed 6/6 JSP project I --
12 Wed 13/6 JSP Project II --