I am the coordinator of the Master “Peace Studies” of Université Paris Dauphine. You can see more about this new exciting training opportunity here!

For this Master I teach “Systemic Approaches to Conflict Transformation and Management”. You can find some support slides for this class here!

I give a class on “Measurement Theory and Practice” for the 1st year of the Bachelor in “Sciences for a Sustainable World” of PSL. You can find the support of this class here! I give a similar (elective) class to the 3rd year of the Bachelor in Economics of Dauphine. The slides are here!

I am also involved in teaching, mainly within the frame of the Master Courses handled by the LAMSADE. In the following you have links to the classes I give during the year and some relevant material to them.

·       "Workshop on Decision Theory and Artificial Intelligence" (together with S. Airiau, J. Lang, S. Moretti, M. Öztürk, G. Pigozzi), addressed to the students of the MODO Master (Management Science).

·       The class of “Problem Structuring Methods” for the MODO Master (Management Science) together with S. Damart, M. Merad and M. Öztürk. 


In the following you find material of classes I taught as invited or taught by invited guests in Dauphine in the past.

·       The slides of David Rios Insua course on "Risk Analysis and Extreme Events".

·       The slides of Stefano Moretti course on "Cooperative Games".

·       My slides about Tools for Public Policy Evaluation.

·       The slides of my tutorial on Algorithmic Decision Theory at IJCAI 2009

·       The slides of my Doctoral Class on MCDA at Napoli in June 2011: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5.

·       The slides of my Doctoral Class on MCDA at Napoli in May 2013: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5.

·       The slides of the tutorial on Preferences Handling we gave with Paolo Viappiani at RECSYS 2013.

·       The slides of Eyke Hüllermeyer on Preference Learning (doctoral course at Dauphine, February 2014).

·       The slides (1, 2) of Alberto Colorni for his doctoral course at Dauphine, February 2014.

·       The slides of a very broad scope presentation about what Decision Aiding is … April 2014