Spring School

A spring school will be organized before the conference on

"Cutting plane methods for integer and combinatorial optimization"


Pierre Bonami (CNRS, University of Méditerranée, Marseille, France)

Gerard Cornuéjols (Carnegie Mellon University, USA)

Andrea Lodi (University of Bologna, Italy)


1 - Introduction to cutting planes for MIP
(A. Lodi)
2 - Intersection cut and disjonctive cuts (P. Bonami) Slides
3 - Elementary closures (A. Lodi)
4 - Separation models for elementary closures (P. Bonami) Slides
5 - Violated split cuts from the simplex tableau (A. Lodi)
6 - Cuts for MINLP (P. Bonami) Slides
7 - An introduction to cuts from Multiple Rows (G. Cornuejols) Slides



Please click here to access the detailed schedule.

The ISCO Spring School will be held at Hotel DIAR LEMDINA in Yasmine Hammamet.

Registration for the Spring School will be opened on Sunday 21th at 18h30.
Registration will also be possible on Monday 22nd at 8h00.