Spring 2018

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General Information

Course name: C++
Instructor: Michail Lampis
Email: michail.lampis AT this university

As the name suggests, the topic of this course is programming in the C++ language. We will give an overview of the most important features of this language, aimed towards students who already have some knowledge of programming in related languages (notably Java). Special attention will be given to topics where C++ and Java differ, such as memory management and pointers.

More information on the topics to be covered appears in the schedule below (which will be updated during the semester).

The course consists of 1.5 hours of weekly lectures, followed by 1.5 hours of TD, taught by Michael Lampis.

The course is also coordinated with a corresponding C++ course taught at Dauphine Tunis by Fatma Chaker.

We meet every Monday at 8:30.

Additional Material / (Freely available) Bibliography


Lecture No. Date Topic Notes and code
1 22/1 Introduction
Control Statements
slides, slides2
2 25/1 Arrays
slides, slides2
Note:Unusual day/time
3 29/1 Pointers slides, slides2
4 5/2 Memory Management
new and delete
5 12/2 2D arrays
Input/Output and Files
slides, slides2
6 19/2 Classes, Structures
Linked Lists
slides, slides2
7 5/3 Classes, Constructors
Operator Overloading
8 12/3 Classes continued slides, slides2
9 26/3 A vector/matrix class
Array/Linked list implementation
slides, slides2, code
10 9/4 Vector class continued
11 30/4 Inheritance slides, slides2
12 7/5 Templates
slides, slides2
13 14/5